Can’t Make A Wife out OF A Hoe TikTok

Can't Make A Wife out OF A Hoe TikTok

TikTok is generally known for its music. From lip-syncing videos to comical videos, viral trends, and dance challenges, TikTok has been well acclaimed because of its audio. One of the fastest ways to get famous on the app is by joining trend challenges. It could help you gain a considerable following, and you could even go viral.

TikTok has, in a sense, a bank of sounds and quality music. This is where many social problems have their origins. Numerous well-known tunes are available on the app for producers to use whenever they want. Creators can also record music videos that other people can use. Even songs can become well-known because of TikTok.

Creators can find one part of a song likable and then, several people start using the song for their video. This is the case with Kid Laroi’s without you. The music started trending in December 2020, with many TikTokers using one part of the song they resonated with. They set their videos with part of the song lyrics which goes thus: and I can’t take it back, so in the past is where we’ll leave it/So there you go/Can’t make a wife out of a ho.

This made the song a trend on the app. Several users used that bit of the music to make light of less-than-ideal romantic scenarios. While many even used it for pranks, others used the music for challenges. That was how the phrase couldn’t make a wife out of a ho became popularly used by all and sundry.

Let’s even get to know about this Kid Lario song.

Without You is a song by Australian rapper Kid Laroi in his debut mixtape. It was released in December 2020 to alternative radio. The song was remixed, and it featured Miley Cyrus. The remix version of the song was released in April, earlier in the year. Miley Cyrus previewed this remix version on her TikTok page, and that was one of the things that drove engagements with the song on the app.

The song debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 and was ranked at number 63 on the week of 19 December 2020. The song was even nominated for the music of the year and best hip hop categories at the 2021 ARIA awards.

So, what is this “can’t make a wife out of a hoe” trend that has got everyone talking?

It is a TikTok trend where TikTokers usually create situations that are pretty hypothetical, such that a woman gets more packages from amazon than she’s getting from you. The scenarios were filmed and paired with Kid Laroi’s Without You.

It is a very beautiful song you will want to vibe to as a TikTok. Little wonder why it’s become a fan favorite on the app.

Let’s quickly run you through how to join a TikTok challenge like this one.

You have to make sure to use the correct trending audio for your video, which is Kid Laroi’s without you. To do this, click the white plus sign icon at the bottom of your TikTok app. Click on sounds at the top of the next page. Then, go through the playlists, and you could search through the featured or trending path. Click on the song after locating it to preview it.

A red tick will pop up while you are doing that. Click on the red tick and then, you will be directed to the video editing page where you can create your video with this trendy song. You can also save the music from a video on your for you page.

Make sure also to look up the hashtags that other creators of similar videos have used. You must use those hashtags in your captions. You could also tag one or two creators to get them involved and increase the popularity of your video.

There are quite a several other songs that are trendy on TikTok apart from Kid Laroi’s without you. There are a lot of songs that have gained popularity over the past few years through TikTok even before they got on Billboard’s charts. Many songs have gone viral with the help of this platform and its users.

Let’s take a look at the other four trendy songs on the app.

TikTok challenge
  1. Lax by Jawsh 685 and Jason Durelo

This song used to be known as Savage Love and it was created by a teenager from New Zealand named Jawsh 685. He made the song to celebrate his heritage. Jason Durelo reached out to him about both of them collaborating on the song together.

Jason however released the song with the name Savage Love. The song eventually became a backdrop to the siren beat dance.

  • Savage and Savage Remix by Megan Thee Stallion and Beyonce

This song has been used in more than 30 million videos. It is commonly used in dance challenges that was started by Keara Wilson.

Wilson’s choreography videos had a huge impact on the app. The song has gathered a lot of attention since Megan featured Beyonce and it has also been used in thousands of other videos.

  • WAP by Cardi B featuring Megan Thee Stallion

This song was created in early August. A teenage choreographer with name Brian Esperson shared his routine to the song on Instagram. The routine actually got the attention of Cardi B and she shared the video.

A whole lot of other choreographers began giving the song trials too. The song became a challenge on TikTok and in no time at all, it racked up more than 6 million videos.

  • Say So by Doja Cat

The song was actually already known but it became more popular when Haley Sharpe started a dance challenge with the song. The song has been used in more than 18 million videos and Doja Cat even invited Sharpe to be part of the song video.

Final Words

This widespread “can’t make a wife of a hoe” trend and its implications have thus been clarified. Additionally, you can browse some of the other popular tracks on the app. Enjoy your time exploring the song and other popular trends on the app.


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