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Celebrity Look-Alike TikTok Filter

Celebrity Look-Alike TikTok Filter

TikTok has risen in popularity over the years, with dancing challenges, fashionable videos, comedy videos, and even filters. It has become a favorite of many social media users all around the world. Many celebrities and even families have used the app to do planned dance routines, experiment with various effects, and record pranks and stunts.

Many online phenomena have sprung up as a result of the app, one of which being people attempting to figure out which celebrity they resemble. This effect has become one of the most popular on TikTok, with users from all around the world interacting with it. Shifting Filter is the name of this filter.

how do I find and use the Tiktok celebrity look-alike filter?

Celebrity Look-Alike TikTok Filter

The celebrity look-alike filter videos are very interesting. The shapeshift effect is what people are using to create these videos. The shapeshift filter works by taking an image of your face and comparing it to several images; then, it shifts your face to the celebrity that you look like the most from the images. So, let’s run you through the process of creating your own celebrity look-alike video.

So, the first step is to know how the shifting filter works. Go ahead and create a video on the app. Then, locate the effects option, usually on the left corner of the app. Then, you can select the shifting filter among the several filters that are available. The shifting filter has a logo with the face of a cartoon and a landscape on that face. So, go ahead and select it.

After selecting the shifting filter, you will get an option to upload photos. Upload a photo with many faces present in it and select the red button. Then, the filter will do the work and show you the results. Say, for instance, you upload a picture of many Disney princesses; the filter will select the princess that looks like you.

So, for the desired celebrity you want to look like, you must first have a picture of the celebrity on your phone. If you have a celebrity that you bear a resemblance to, you will get great results. So, open your TikTok app and make a video of yourself. Go to the effects section and select the shifting effect. After selecting this effect, upload the photo of the celebrity and wait for the filter to work.

This does not take time at all. After selecting the red button, you will see that your face slowly changes to the celebrity that you have selected.

What alternatives can I use to the Tiktok shapeshifter effect?

Many TikTokers have consistently said that the shapeshift filter is not available on their devices. The unavailability could be due to the region you live in as it is restricted in some places. The good news is there are some effects or filters that you can also make do with similar to the shapeshifter.

  1. Morph Effect
Tiktok face morph effect

This effect takes two different faces and transitions them into one. When this is done, it gives you a cool sense of flow. This effect would work well with clear and face-visible images. This effect is usually found in the template section of the app. Once you have opened the app, click on the plus button at the bottom center portion of the screen. Scroll right and then; you will locate the templates. Scroll right again until you get to the Morph template. Click on select photos, and you can select up to five photos. Click on ‘ok’ in the bottom right corner and then, you can go ahead and edit and publish your TikTok.

The Morph effect uses face-sensitive technology to detect the faces and make transitions between the pictures. Users can even use this effect to know how their appearance has changed with time. You can select pictures from childhood to adulthood and apply this template. The pictures are morphed together such that what we have is a smooth transition. The outcome is really amazing, and it is quite similar to the shapeshifter effect.

Many users of this app have used this template on the faces of several celebrities that they like, and the change is absolutely astonishing.

  • The Disney Filter

This filter can help shape your face into that Disney celebrity. If you are a Disney fan and have been wondering what it feels like to be a Disney prince or princess, this filter would come in handy. The Disney filter turns your face into a cartoon character that resembles one seen on Disney.

This filter is actually found on Snapchat, so you actually must have the app on your device. So, let’s run you through how to find that filter and use it on your TikTok. Once you launch Snapchat, tap the search icon at the top right side of the screen. Then, type in Disney’s eyes and select that filter.

Once you have located the filter, you can now record the video and post it to Snapchat. Then, you can download the video to your device. Then, upload it to TikTok, and there you have your Disney celebrity look alike.

  • The Beauty Filter

This filter is on Faceapp, so you will need to download that app to use it. In the app, you can actually take or upload the picture you want to use. You could even use the photo of a celebrity which is an option on the app. Then, you can go ahead and select the showcase option from the filters section around the bottom of the screen. The showcase option gives you several filters to pick from. The beauty filter is called Hollywood on the app.

The outcome will make you look like someone fresh out of a magazine photoshoot.


TikTok celebrity look-alike trend is one way to have fun on the app. You can pick the celebrity you want to look like, and the shapeshifter effect will fashion your face into that.

You can also prank people by making them look alike for them. We have also shown you some alternatives to the shapeshifter effect that you should try out.

There are just endless possibilities for fun on the app.

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