what is Charli D’amelio Phone Number (contact information) ?

what is Charli D'amelio Phone Number (contact information) ?

If you’re familiar with TikTok, you’ve most likely seen Charli D’Amelio’s videos. She has over 125 million TikTok followers, making her the most popular adolescent on the internet. She is a well-known TikTok star, model, influencer, and dancer from Norwalk, Connecticut.

She often times posts videos that are entertaining on TikTok and this has contributed to her fame on the app. She was the first individual on the app to hit the 100 million follower mark. She became a sensation on the app with her choreography and lip-syncing videos. She teamed up with a couple of her friends for some of these videos so much so that a desire for more of her videos grew in her followers. 

She has garnered numerous awards across a range of social media channels since she first emerged and began her career online. Her time spent online has also paid off handsomely for her. She has amassed a sizable fortune from her YouTube videos and affiliate marketing, putting her on track to become a billionaire by 2020. She has started selling outfits, clothes, and other connected things through her merchandise. According to Forbes, she is the second-highest-paid TikTok personality.

If you’re a Charli D’Amelio fan, you’ve probably been itching to learn more about her personal life. You should be curious about her lodgings, family, and relationships. You could even want to call her up and have a conversation with her. We understand that many people wish to realize this goal. We’d want to help you realize your dreams by showing you how to connect with her.

Charli D’Amelio Contact Details

  • House Address: 7095 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, Ca 90028, United States.
  • Social Media Accounts: Twitter @charlidamelio (verified)

Instagram @charlidamelio (verified)

Snapchat @charlidamelio (verified)

TikTok @charlidamelio (verified)

  • Phone number: The number7154236804 flying around the internet is actually not hers. She tweeted it as an ID for a zoom meeting that she had back in 2020. Her real phone number details are not available at the moment. So, what you most likely have might be a wrong phone number. You could at best connect with her via her mail address or social media platform.
  • Email address: Charliedamelioteam@unitedtalent.com

Charli D’Amelio Biography

Charli D'amelio tiktok

Instagram was Charlie’s first social media platform base. She usually uploads pictures of herself and her sister. She also periodically posts pictures of herself and her family from time to time. Her very recent post on Instagram was in July 2016. Her Instagram account has continued to develop with pictures of her dancing, learning new moves and also, and dancing with her sister.

As Charli’s TikTok following increased, she began majoring on the platform to show her skills and also create awareness about cyberbullying. She also started sharing amazing videos on this platform. A duet of her with a move to joy was the first video by her that captured the attention of a lot of people online. In a relatively short time, she grew to become one of the most prominent personalities on the platform.

Her rise to fame cannot be mentioned without a video of her dancing to the song lottery. She is also a member of the TikTok web community called Hype House. She has also had the opportunity to dance with someone she adores as a role model Jennifer Lopez. They danced to a super bowl challenge in a video in 2020. She teamed up with actor Noah Schnapp on her Youtube platform in the same year.

She and her sister have also been named the faces of a campaign by Hollister in July 2020. She even made a video on TikTok to promote the said campaign. She has bagged several ambassadorial deals with several firms and she recently launched a makeup line with her sister. She is also an actor and director. Her family now even has a show that has a great following. The show is titled The D’Amelio show which features a documentary series of eight parts. The show captures the daily routine of four members of the family.

ten interesting facts you most likely don’t know about Charli.

what is Charli D'amelio Phone Number (contact information) ?
  1. Charli is seventeen years old and she was given birth to in the month of May. This confirms her star sign to be Taurus. So, you could think of it as being lucky to be sharing a star sign with your favorite personality.
  2. She has an older sister named Dixie. Dixie is also an influencer on TikTok and she was born in 2001 making her three years older than Charli.
  3. Her father is a politician named Marc D’Amelio and her mother’s name is called Heidi D’Amelio. They also have a family pet, a chocolate brown Labrador that goes by the name Rebel.
  4. Charli has always been one that loves dancing. She has been attending several dance classes from the age of three. She has also been participating in dance competitions from age five.
  5. After her huge break on TikTok, she was signed by Outshine Talent after being scouted by Barbara Jones. Thrn, in January 2020, United Talent Agency signed her.
  6. Hype House group, which Charli was a part of, performed a dance at an NBA all-star game in 2020. They performed together with the initiator of the renegade dance that goes by the name Jalaiah Harmon.
  7. During the pandemic in 2020, Charli donated a token of $50,000 to Norwalk Hospital. This generous attitude of hers helped the hospital purchase critical supplies for their staff.
  8. Even with being an internet sensation, she still has a very normal teenage life. She still goes to school in her home state of Connecticut.
  9. She is 170cm tall.
  10. She took part in a campaign alongside her sister. It was a UNICEF campaign against cyberbullying. They shared the personal issues and experiences they’ve had with cyberbullying over the years.


Despite her celebrity, Charli D’Amelio has demonstrated how we may manage stardom while still living a normal life. She inspires others in her generation by sharing some personal images of her everyday routine.

You can also get to connect with her across the channels we have listed.


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