How many people use TikTok across the world in 2022?

The app that is being globally used known as TikTok has crossed the high statistics in a short time that even Facebook and Instagram failed to do so in a long time. How many people use TikTok, on which still the perfect range cannot be given because of its increasing viewing rates.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a widely recognized app that is used to create fifteen seconds videos on any topic with music or dubbed voices. The videos are widely shared and watched by users. This well-known app is owned by a Chinese company ByteDance.Ltd. The purpose of the app is to create videos by which the youngsters can express themselves.

When did the rise of TikTok start?                

In 2016, something conventional happened when TikTok launched. This app started to increase its rating in just a few months of its launching which quickly became the center of attention for the users. The fact that how many people use TikTok is gradually increasing and maintaining its reputation.

In less than the times of four years, about one-third of the users of social media were completely penetrated into this app and there were about three million downloads from the app. . And to a question about how many people use TikTok was almost 100 million in a year after its launch.    

How many viewers of TikTok have grown to?

This app has the fastest-growing rate as compared to all the other social media applications. As informed by the owning company of the app, the app contains about 1 billion users who are active on it. The estimation of how many people use TikTok has reached over 3 billion downloads. Apart from Facebook TikTok has become the first app that has reached about 3 billion downloads.

Worldwide statistics of the app

TikTok being a well-known app has crossed a good range of downloads and many people have installed this app till now.

  • About 20.83% of people use TikTok among worldwide internet users.
  • About 22.34% of people use TikTok among worldwide social media users.

How many people use TikTok in the United States?

America having a big population also results in a larger number of TikTok users. As the owning company states how many people use TikTok in the US is about 73.7 Million which is the average of users who are active on the music-video app. It is also noted that there are chances that by 2024 the app will gain about 87 million active users in the United States.

This app has been ranked as the 2nd most engaged app after Facebook in the US. The company shows the results that US adult spends about thirty-three minutes daily on TikTok, making it the most used app.

Global installing rate of TikTok                            

TikTok gained much recognition just after its launching and just not in its origin but it gained fame over the entire world.

  • India contributed to most of the downloads of the app estimating about 611 million.
  • The second place that became the origin of most TikTok downloads was china resulting in 196.6 million till now.

The 3rd largest place that became the reason for the fame of TikTok was the US estimating about 165 million downloads making Canada and UK ranked as 4th and 5th

How many people use TikTok on an active basis?

TikTok has been ranked as the 7th most used app in the world. About 90 percent of people globally use TikTok on an active basis. The average use, on daily basis, has reached 52 minutes per day resulting in 10.85 minutes, the most engaging time over a social app.

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