How To Get Followers on TikTok

              How To Get Followers on TikTok

TikTok is currently one of the most popular apps and social platforms. You might have found yourself trying out new challenges from time to time or simply scrolling through the entertainment platform’s “For You” page for hours. This is because the app is filled with creativity, value and a lot of fun. The number of users on TikTok is increasing rapidly. Millions of people all over the world, use the app every day and so there are lots of opportunities.

If you want to earn money on TikTok, it is obvious you need followers, views and likes. Have you been wandering on how you can push your TikTok numbers up?

Then look no further as this article would is show you how to do just that!

So, continue reading!

Do you create good content? The importance of good content cannot be overemphasized. There is no shortcut to success, followers must be earned.

How Do You Create Good Content to Get More Followers?

Here are a few tips to help you create good content on TikTok thereby getting more followers :

• The foundation:

Pay attention to high quality (resolution, lighting conditions, sound) and make your videos in portrait format if possible. You can use equipment such as a ring light or an external microphone. But, if you don’t want to spend money on a ring light, you should make the best use of daylight.

If you use music, make sure the lyrics and rhythm of the songs match the mood of your video.

 A video should not be shorter than 5 seconds. Also, make sure all your videos have a title and description so the viewer can understand what your video is about.

Also, select the most appealing cover photo for each video.

• Your aim:

Your video should be watched for as long as possible and cause the viewer to like or comment on your video.

But how can you do this?

• Arouse emotions. If you reach the heart of the viewer, then there is a high probability that they will like your video. You do this by being authentic and expressing what you are feeling in your own words.

• Ask questions. These should be as precise as possible and make sense so that the viewer comments on your video.

• Call for action: Write a text on your video such as: Please Like, Follow Me or What do you think? While this is not a guarantee, some users will follow your request.

How Do You Expand Your Reach?


1. Use hashtags

Other users can find you faster on TikTok using popular hashtags. Inventing your hashtags under which to find all your videos could also be useful on the platform!

2. Post regularly

TikTok like other social media platforms survives on content. So, accounts that regularly post content are pushed significantly more. Therefore, if you want to establish yourself on TikTok, you have to post continuously. It is advisable to post one video per day. This gives you new opportunities to generate new followers every day.

3. Follow the trend.

People say you shouldn’t follow the trend but then on TikTok, the trend is your friend. To reach more people, you should work with TikTok trends regularly. .

What are the current TikTok hashtags? Which music is used frequently? Which challenges are currently running?

You can find out all this easily by browsing the “Discover ” page.

4. Implement your ideas. and be authentic

Be yourself. Copying others is certainly not cool. This is because, if you show who you are, people will also feel your videos. It is much better when you implement your ideas in videos and on your profile  This also makes you stand out from others. For example, If you are really funny, take advantage of that and make funny TikTok videos. If you enjoy dancing, do  dance challenges. Users who also celebrate your content would come of their own accord and then become loyal followers and supporters.

However, if you were inspired by a creator, be sure to give credit in your caption. It could be that the person becomes aware of your video and may want to cooperate with you, and you ultimately get more followers.

6. Post your videos at the right time

Everyone has a lot of time in the evening or at the weekend. So it is precisely at this time that you should post your videos. Then, they would most likely be seen by more people and your account would grow easily

7. Look at your analytics

Tiktok offers creators a look at analytics. Creators can see which videos went well, which went not so well, how many likes came in in the last few weeks, how many people looked at your profile and how many views your videos got? You can use these numbers to evaluate which content the users particularly like to watch. Use this data to create more great content and watch your followers grow!

Should You Buy Followers?

              How To Get Followers on TikTok

Beware of purchased followers! Different sites offer that you can buy followers for a certain price. However, you should avoid such offers and packages 

First, you have no guarantee that your profile would be secure. What if you get hacked? Secondly, bought followers make little sense since there are usually no real people behind them, only bots. Besides, these are not of much use in the long run if you intend to enter into serious partnerships or generate popularity. In addition, this also affects the quality of your profile and it may be that your true followers will notice this and then unfollow you even more.

Furthermore, buying TikTok followers is forbidden according to TikTok Community Guidelines. If you buy a follower, you risk having your account blocked or deleted.

To increase your followers, you should rather rely on organic growth and, for your safety, ignore such packages at overpriced prices. Buying fans to get more followers, views and likes makes every creator inauthentic.

Conclusively, all the tips in this article are important and would contribute to your growth on TikTok. However, getting more followers is a gradual process so, you should be patient.

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