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How to Update TikTok 2022 On iPhone and Android

How to Update TikTok 2022 On iPhone and Android

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How to update TikTok: We’ve observed that a lot of people have been looking online and asking questions about how to get the newest version of TikTok.

Since the advent of smartphones, nearly all apps call for regular upgrades. When a new version for an app you use is available, you can start to notice bugs, or occasionally you’ll find that the functionality of your app has decreased and you can no longer accomplish something with the app as before.

When you notice such things in your app, just have in mind that your app is outdated and needs update immediately.

As a lover of TikTok, you may be restricted to some functionalities in your TikTok app if your app is not up-to-date.

In this guide, we will show you how to update TikTok both on Android OS and iOS. Also, we will take you through the necessary steps that you should undergo.

The reason why you should always have TikTok updated

Updating those apps that you frequently use for instance TikTok, Facebook, etc. is not just for you to have the latest version of these apps but to enjoy some improvements such as the GUI (Graphical User Interface).

When you refuse to update TikTok to its latest version, you won’t just be limited to some features but the TikTok app will begin to malfunction, and also you may likely be exposed to some security threat which may, in turn, affect your personal information.

Over time we have noticed that whenever a team of developers releases an update for a particular app, there is usually an improvement no matter how small it seems to look.

Moreover, most of the improvements are security, privacy, user interface, self-explained easy-to-use, etc.

In some regions like the U.S.A, UK, Canada, etc. user data is highly esteemed, and not updating your TikTok app may lead to exposing your data to third parties.

Meanwhile, when you refuse to update your TikTok app to the latest version, hackers may find ground to hack your account because your TikTok app is not corresponding to the latest TikTok app server security.

From our study and research on this short video-based social media platform called TikTok, we have noticed that several updates are being released almost every week.

Because of this frequent update from TikTok’s team of developers, we strongly recommend our readers to always have the latest version of TikTok running on their device.

By so doing, your TikTok account won’t just be secured but you’ll always enjoy the best functionalities from the TikTok app.

We hope that you have gotten some useful knowledge of why you should always ensure that your TikTok app is running on the latest version. Now let’s get started with the main topic.

How to update TikTok on Android

Have you been using TikTok on your Android device but you can’t remember the last time you updated the app? If yes, it’s high time that you learn how to update TikTok to ensure that you’re enjoying all the sweet functionalities of TikTok – especially those amazing effects that will help you to create wonderful short videos directly from the TikTok app.

To update TikTok to the latest version, follow the below steps:

Step 1 – Launch Play Store

TikTok on playstore

Image Credit: New Scientist

From your Android device, locate the “Play Store” app. If you’re new to android OS, have in mind that Play Store is a virtual marketplace where you can download all Google-verified apps (both free app and paid app).

While launching the Play Store app, ensure that you’re connected to a network (be it Wi-Fi or mobile data).

Step 2 – Search for TikTok

When Play Store opens, go to the search bar (this is usually located at the top of your screen) and input or type the word “TikTok”. If you have a workable internet connection, you’ll see several results relating to TikTok. This may include TikTok lite, etc.

From the list of results found from your search, click on TikTok (if you’re using the full version of TikTok). This will take you to another page where you will see some buttons like the “Uninstall” button which is next to the “Update” button.

At this stage just tap on “Update” and exercise a little patient while your network provider installs the latest update to your device. When TikTok has finished updating, you can open it and enjoy it.

 We also have another method of installing the latest version of TikTok on your Android device. Below is the alternative method.

Step 1 – Launch Play Store

TikTok on appstore

Photo by James Yarema on Unsplash

Launch the Play Store app or you can as well use your browser to launch Play Store.

Step 2 – Click on your account icon

When you have launched Play Store, at the top right corner of your screen, you will see an icon that will either have a human passport icon or your profile picture.

Click on that icon; when clicked, it will open your account menu. Now our interest is to update TikTok. So click on “My apps and games”.

Here you’ll see a list of all the installed apps on your device. Now locate TikTok and click on “Update”

How to update TikTok on IOS

We started by showing android users how to update TikTok but we can’t leave iPhone users stranded.

Learning how to update Tiktok on iPhone is quite easy if you follow the steps we discussed below carefully. We will cover every iOS device; be it iPhone or iPad.

Step 1 – Launch App Store

The App Store is a visual market for iOS apps, movies, books, etc. you can use the App Store app on your device or you can make use of your browser.

Step 2 – Locate the search bar

The search bar is usually located at the top of your screen when you launch App Store. In the search bar type “TikTok”.

The result from your search will alert you if there is any update available for the TikTok app. If there is any update, click on the “Update” button and wait for some time while your device processor and your network provider download and install TikTok.

You can as well use our alternative method to install TikTok on your iOS device.

Step 1 – Launch App Store

Launch the App Store on your iOS device.

Step 2 – Locate your account icon

Look for the “human-like” icon and tap on it. When tapped, it will enable you to personalize your App Store account. Also, you will a summary of all your installed apps such as TikTok, Facebook, etc.

If there is any update available for TikTok, you can then click on “Update” to update TikTok.


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