A guide on how to use TikTok filters

Today’s most used app among teenagers and different aged people, known as TikTok used for creating videos and posting them which also tends to make one get popularity in a little depending upon their content. This is the article if you are looking for how to use TikTok filters and how to find more TikTok filters and effects. If we talk about the content it offers people to make various edits, do green screen, add text, and add various effects and filters. Adding filters to your videos enhances the quality of your video in the most effective way possible.

What exactly are TikTok filters

Filters are those visual elements that add colors and some awesome dynamic AR effects to your TikTok video.

A guide on how to use TikTok filters
how to use TikTok filters

There are two categories of TikTok filters:

  • Traditional presets.
  • Interactive presets.

Traditional Presets

These presets can be applied to the video after or before you have recorded your video which will change their tone of color.

It depends whether you might want to give your video a retro vibe or give it a dull alt effect. It is one of the best ways to get your video to look the way you want it to look like which pleases your taste.

Filters of TikTok are organized into four categories called:

  • Food.
  • Landscape.
  • Portrait.
  • Vibe.

Each one of these categories is designed in a specific way that will enhance the quality of the content and also catch the viewer’s eye.

Interactive Effects

Filters effects add a dynamic and a fun effect to your videos.

We can say they may be this drastic where they change your literal face with a face of a cat or give of the animated face which resembles anime characters.

A guide on how to use TikTok filters
how to use TikTok filters

Most of these traditional preset can be added after or before you use them while shooting a video. And some can be added later after shooting your TikTok video. Although there are some filters that you can only add before you shoot the video.

But a real arises here on how to use TikTok filters?

How can you use TikTok filters

Firstly open your TikTok app which is on your phone and press on this “+” which is present on the bottom of the menu in the center. Secondly, you have to go to the upper right corner of the screen. There will appear a dozen of filters. Select one according to your liking. Start exit out of the filters and shoot your video.

After you are done with shooting your TikTok video, you will have to click on the checkmark icon. Here you will be brought to the preview screen where you will be able to make more edits of your TikTok video, add music and captions, etc.

If you forgot to add a filter before shooting your TikTok, then you don’t have to worry because on the preview screen you can also add filters to your videos. Here you will only need to go to the filters and directly choose the filter which you think is according to your liking and press on it just like how we did before. This solves your question about how to use TikTok filters.

How to use TikTok filters and search for TikTok filters

How to use TikTok filters and how to search for them?

The app itself does not provide any option or any feature where you can search for a filter effect from the Effects tab. But it is possible to find certain filters if you remember a slight detail on what kind of thing it was related to. Type any random alphabet which resembles the filter name which you have been, wanting to find and use. And how many TikTok users have used that filter till now through hashtags on the video.  

A guide on how to use TikTok filters
how to use TikTok filters

After finding the filter you can click on it and appears on your recording screen where you can shoot your video with your desired filters.

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