Is TikTok down right now? | cheek if TikTok is down or not working

Is TikTok down right now? | cheek if TikTok is down or not working

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In most popular online forums, several users have laid complain that TikTok was down a couple of times in the year 2021.

We couldn’t believe it when people were asking if TikTok is down right now?

Because we highly esteem TikTok being the #1 video-based social media network in the entire globe.

TikTok being owned by a Chinese company popularly known as ByteDance teamed up to develop this platform. These developers are gurus in web development as well as app development.

When people started laying complaints that TikTok is down right now, we started investigating to know why everybody is experiencing this challenge.

Moreover, we noticed from users’ reports that the reason why TikTok is down was not because of the app alone nor the URL.

We learned from statistics that Americans used TikTok far more than anybody from any other nation. Many Americans reported that they were unable to begin their day on the day TikTok was experiencing DNS difficulties.

Although many people thought that TikTok was down because of the number of users that access the platform daily from over 150 countries of which the U.S has the highest quota.

Meanwhile, the number of users on TikTok cannot affect the platform as TikTok developers are using modern web-based technology which has unmetered bandwidth as well as unlimited storage.

Reasons why TikTok experiences technical challenges

Is TikTok down right now? | cheek if TikTok is down or not working

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Unlike other popular websites, TikTok records thousands of active users every hour. Because of this, the TikTok server is usually busy every moment of the day.

Even if TikTok creators want to alter the platform, they often do so in the backend of their server. Reloading will show users the platform’s updated version or any changes that have been made.

Also, other social media handles follow this rule while making changes to their platform user interface.

Additionally, some elements make up every website, some of which include DNS, servers, etc. The DNS, which stands for Domain Name Server, is in charge of a website’s availability and connection (users can access it from any country).

TikTok usually goes down whenever there is an issue or misconfiguration most especially from the DNS settings.

Is TikTok down right now?

TikTok outage map
TikTok Outage Map

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The platform’s availability is guaranteed by the TikTok creators, however on Friday, November 12, 2021, at around 9 am EST, a number of users complained that the platform was unavailable and that they were unable to take advantage of all of the platform’s features and functions.

Downdetector which is a popular website for tracking apps and websites status reported that same day that TikTok users were experiencing challenges most especially in the “For You” page as well as other TikTok functions that demand network connection.

These issues got a lot of users distressed and some people were unable to start their day.

As of that day, the TikTok server was down and a lot of people were facing challenges, so many users went to other social media handles to report the challenges they are facing on TikTok.

Some users wrote on their Twitter handle – “TikTok is down and I’m stressing,” “TikTok is down, how can I start my day now.”

A lot of TikTok users from the USA and other countries worldwide who make money from their TikTok accounts were disappointed when TikTok was down as they were unable to connect to their audience or receive messages from their followers.

Before TikTok went down, other popular social medial platforms Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp announced a global outage.

As of the time of writing TikTok is not having any DNS issues which will lead to the platform being down for users to access their information or receive new messages from their fans.

Tips on how to detect if TikTok is down

Since TikTok is a global social media, there are certain limitations or disabilities that users will notice. Some of these technical issues that can commonly be detected in TikTok when it’s down are discussed below:

You won’t be able to send messages

If you have mastered some features of TikTok, you will be able to know when your send messages went through or when it is not sent.

The last time TikTok went down, complained that they were unable to send messages to their friends. For your sent messages to be delivered to the target destination, TikTok must communicate with your network provider.

One of the ways to know when TikTok is down is that you won’t be able to send or receive messages.

When you’re not sharing videos on the TikTok platform

There is something called CDN which stands for Content Delivery Network. This CDN helps web developers to have assorted servers in different countries to ensure fast uploading and downloading of their site contents.

Whenever you’re not able to share videos on the TikTok platform (be it app or web), it’s a sign that the platform is having technical issues and it may probably be a DNS issue.

When you can’t log in

You must sign in with your account to use the TikTok platform’s full functionality. So it’s also a hint that TikTok is down if you can’t reach the login page or if it refuses to let you log in.

Sometimes when you can’t log in to your TikTok account, you have to check your network connection. If you are using a browser, you can clear your browser’s cache.

Any time TikTok continues crashing

Another sign that TikTok is down is when the app keeps crashing without any meaningful notification on the cause of the issue.

In this section, we advise that you always update your TikTok app so that when TikTok is down – probably when the app continues crashing, you can be able to detect where the problem is coming from.

Meanwhile, while verifying if TikTok is down by using these few faults that can easily be detected in the TikTok platform, ensure that you have:

1. Good network signal

2. The latest version of TikTok app

3. If someone logs in to his/her TikTok profile with your device, make sure to log the person out. In some cases, you may need to clear the app or browser’s cache.


Users complained that TikTok was down over six (6) times in 2021, especially during November, October, September, July, April, March. Currently, there are no server issues found in the TikTok platform.

Users can freely enjoy creating and sharing their favorite short videos with their friends.


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