Is Tiktok Down Today?

Tiktok is one of the most popular social media video-sharing platforms owned by ByteDance. This video-sharing platform has most of its users across the globe and has been the most downloaded app in the USA in September 2018 and spread rapidly to other parts of the world.

Despite the popularity of this social media platform, they have their share of the ups and downs, just like any other app or social media network, which can malfunction at times. Recently Tiktok users have been creating awareness of TikTok not loading, network error, freezing, and video crashing. While some users have no issues with the app. (Source)

Is Tiktok Down Today?

However, when such situations are encountered, it requires generic troubleshooting such as; clearing the app cache and data, restarting your device, and reinstalling the app.

At times, even with all these fixes, the Tiktok app still malfunctions in some cases, In such a case, users might want to check and give the required permission like background data usage and more to Tiktok.

Tiktok On Different Devices

Tiktok is used on devices like Android, desktop, and iPhone, which can be downloaded from the play store for Android and Apple store for iPhone.

It is normal for Tik Tok users to encounter such problems aforementioned as they are often caused by over-accumulation of cache, updating the Tik Tok app, device-specific problems, or faulty updates no matter the device they are using Tik Tok on. Updating the Tiktok app can also help to solve this malfunctioning since app updates usually bring along bug fixes

Is Tiktok Down Today?

TikTok For Android Users

It is noted that some of the Tik Tok users have been experiencing dissatisfaction with the app, as their account has been banned due to one reason or the other while others keep experiencing network errors why using the app, more to that, the support team does not respond to her users when a complaint is given as expected. ( Source ).

Some of the less used workarounds involve tweaking a third-party application which is common to Android System Webview in most cases. Suppose none of the aforementioned workarounds remedies Tiktok to be working as expected. Then it is advisable to update Android System WebView or Uninstall the Updates.

Nevertheless, users might keep running into issues with Tiktok, and there will always be numerous generic solutions, though there can be some uncommon ones at times.

Keeping this in mind, we will be keeping an eye on issues that might prevent Tik Tok from functioning properly.

It is a fact that some users of Tik Tok have been running into some malfunctioning issues using the app, just like any other social media network. However. Tik Tok had a serious malfunctioning issue last year, affecting a large range of its users globally where its users keep having issues of network errors, not loading, and others. As a result of these, many of its users when on Twitter to express themselves on the issue.

Given numerous complaints such as not seeing their numbers of followers on their account, some said their account had been banned unjustly; some said they could not load videos, why others complained of their videos missing, etc.

However, the Tik Tok support team also admitted that they were aware of the malfunction of their app and that they were working on it. (Source ). After several hours, the Tik Tok community was informed that the outage had been corrected and they should expect their app to be normal again. “This issue has now been resolved. Your Following/Follower count display should be back to normal. Thanks for bearing with us!”


Irrespective of the level of maintenance of the Tik Tok app, it is obvious that problems are inevitable, just like any other social media network.


TikTok For iPhone Users

For iPhone users, If you are faced with TikTok bug on your iPhone whether you are having connection issues, that option live is not working well, in such a way you can not publish what sounds or is not available with bugs at the level of comments and you cannot view your videos, you can’t see the number of likes, you can’t see your biography and nickname.

Don’t be alarmed; all you need to do for it to be resolved is an app update by TikTok herself. You should reinstall the TikTok app on your iPhone device. To do this, maintain the TikTok app, press on your iPhone

When the app is animated, tap the icon –

Press Delete the app and search the app on the Apple store on the search bar, then download and install the app again.

And if the problem is global, the developer will come up with a new version of the app correcting the dysfunctions.

Sometimes issues with TikTok on your iPhone could be that you downloaded the app incorrectly, which you need to download rightly to resolve the problem. It could also be that your storage is full; that’s while the app could be malfunctioning.

When the storage of your iPhone is full or about to be full, it Is going to cause some dysfunction. This can be felt in the use of some applications, such as TikTok, for example. Therefore check the disk space on your iPhone whether it is enough by adhering to the following instructions:

Appointment in Part Settings from your iPhone

Press General

Press iPhone storage

A bar showing the space used on your iPhone will then appear on the screen. If it shows that the storage space is filled or almost full, you can then empty it by erasing some of the applications you don’t use.

You can also restart your iPhone to allow the app to work properly.

It is advisable for you to also check your IOS system update because this can also cause bugs.

TikTok On Your Desktop Browser

 If you are using a browser and perhaps you don’t have another device, you can try another browser such as Firefox, Brave, or Chrome. If the Tik Tok app works on another device or browser, it will be the problem is your device; try deleting the app and reinstall it from the apple store or play store and see whether the problem will be resolved or better still, contact Tik Tok support team by email or use the feedback form to reach to them.

Conclusion: Social media networks problems seem to be inevitable despite the level of maintenance and management; however, all these malfunctionings give a bad experience to her users, so it is necessary to ensure satisfaction at all costs.

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