The Evolution of TikTok logo Through the Years

Let’s have a look at the TikTok logo evolution history. Let’s see how the company opted for different changes and modified the logo. The changes are made to get more consumers and attract a large audience. If you want to enhance your business, you implement changes from time to time. As a brand manager, you are supposed to choose the best logo.

The Evolution of TikTok logo Through the Years
TikTok logo

Original TikTok logo 2016-2017:

The first logo for TikTok was shaped like the letter d. There was a musical note on it. In 2016 it was introduced. It was released on social media platforms internationally. There was a reddish-pink color scheme, simple light aqua, and black features. As a result, an elegant logo was presented with different symbols. This TikTok logo got recognition worldwide rapidly. Powerful platforms musically dominated it. It was designed by graphic designers having extraordinary skills.

The first redesign of TikTok logo 2017-2018:

The original design of TikTok was modified to get more recognition worldwide. These modifications proved successful. Same musical the icon was added to the new symbol. The brand’s name was added to the symbol. This addition enhanced the logo and boosted its recognition. The bold wordmark was in sans serif masculine fonts. When people see this icon; they can easily recognize it.

There are straight lines and clean strokes, making it convenient to read it. Its angles help make text hard, and curves have round edges. It can be read even if it is written in the smallest size. This very positive side makes the TikTok logo prominent and extraordinary. Its beauty makes it attractive. So, this redesigning was a good step taken by the company. This step helped in marketing and attracting a large audience to this app.

The Evolution of TikTok logo Through the Years
TikTok logo

How the TikTok Logo was Created?

The TikTok team claims the logo was created by an unknown third party. After attending that concert, he was inspired to create this logo. He showed the value of the content created by the brilliant creators by creating a design that would excite a major concert.

After looking at the stage’s black backdrop, he came up with the idea for TikTok logo black background. In order to create the neon light logo, D-shapes in neon blue and red were used in neon. As a result, the audience found the show to be more relatable. When the app’s icon was initially unsettled users because of its resemblance to the music icon, the D shape was a natural choice.

During the 2017 redesign, the logo’s glyphs were intended to be more distinct. Outlined in purple-blue, the ‘O’ was also given this color. The layout of the TikTok logo was carefully considered in order to grab the viewer’s attention right away. No changes have been made to the logo’s design since the company’s logo was first introduced. As a result, Logo has become a symbol for the entertainment and music industries worldwide.

The Evolution of TikTok logo Through the Years
TikTok logo

Among logos, the one for TikTok is among the most complex. App logos are an important part of any platform or company’s branding strategy, and TikTok’s was not one of the first. App marketing relies heavily on the TikTok logo.

Clearly, the TikTok Logo has played a significant role in the app’s worldwide popularity. It’s not just clothing that’s been emblazoned with the TikTok logo. The TikTok logo has been used by these and other businesses to increase sales.

The current TikTok logo:

The latest design was made in 2018. It was a significant modification. In the previous design, TikTok was written separately; now, in the new format, it is written together. The font was also changed. Now it is an angular typeface. In the written word, TikTok aqua and red were accented in the letter ‘o’. It was glamorous and mind-blowing.

All the changes ultimately proved to be beneficial for the company. Tiktok is hard all around the globe by hundreds and thousands of people. Its logo must have been beautiful. The emblem represents its worth and purpose.


The TikTok logo has been famed by social media platforms. It’s worth rising with its iconic design. The public demand has changed its shape and designs. These changes had a positive impact on people. It was a marketing strategy.

There must be some plan and meaning behind a logo. Is must be well executed. This will raise its worth. This is one of the reasons TikTok is so popular these days. I hope you got the correct information about the evolution of TikTok logos through the years.

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