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Also, it looks like the TikTok trend of making your profile picture a lego Star Wars character has gone away now, right? What’s the next question? What comes next? The next TikTok profile picture trend will be what kind of picture people take.

We think it will start soon. In the past few weeks, there has been a significant rise in people making transparent or clear profile pictures on TikTok.

It means that it is possible to make the background of your TikTok profile picture show through. Some people make their profile picture completely transparent, and some people make the background behind their face transparent. Interested? I was, too. TikTok has a lot more information about getting a nuanced profile picture on the site.

Learning how to get a clear profile picture on TikTok is essential in many ways. For example, you might have a video or photo with a messy background. Sometimes, you may need to erase and replace the scene with something more colorful or exciting. To make a transparent TikTok profile picture, read this article. It will show you how to do it.

A good guide on how to make your TikTok profile picture Transparent.

Try new things on your TikTok, and you’ll get more people to watch and follow you. Putting a transparent picture on your profile is a new thing to do, and it’s becoming more popular. The TikTok videos your friends make will also be more accessible for them to watch if they don’t have to stop to look at your profile picture background.

  1. Make your profile picture transparent with a free site and a simple app.

PicWish is the best online tool for quickly getting a clear TikTok profile picture. This site is free to use and has simple editing tools that are great for people just starting. To get a perfect cutout for your TikTok profile picture, you can use this site to help you out.

A step-by-step guide is below. The process is easy; follow it.

  • A button called “Upload Image” can be found on the site. Click it to upload your picture.
TikTok no Profile Picture
  • After that, you’ll have an exact cutout.
  • If you like the output, you can save it by clicking the “Download” button.
  • Apowersoft Background Eraser

If you want your TikTok profile picture to be transparent, you first need to get rid of the picture’s background. The good news is that the Apowersoft Background Eraser can get rid of the background. It is a great app that will show you how to make a transparent profile picture on TikTok. To use this app, you need to upload your profile picture. It will then give you a cut-out that is just right.

To get a clear PNG image, all you need to do is go to Google and search for “transparent PNG.” Then, you could take your picture and use Apowersoft Background Eraser to get rid of the background.

The steps are straightforward.

  • To add a picture, click the “Remove Person Background” tab.
  • The app will automatically remove the background and show a TikTok profile picture with a transparent background.
  • Finally, click the “Save HD” button.
TikTok no Profile Picture
  • Setting the Transparent Profile Picture on TikTok

Most of the time, you can only change your transparent profile picture all at once in the Android version of TikTok. If you have iOS, there isn’t any way to save your image in a transparent format so that you can upload it to a TikTok video. It’s also possible to set your profile picture transparent by going to TikTok on the web.

TikTok has a feature called “transparent profile pictures.” To get a transparent profile picture, you first need to learn how to get one on TikTok.

  • Make sure you’re logged in to your TikTok account before doing this.
  • Click “Edit Profile” then “Change Photo.” Then choose the transparent profile picture from your gallery and click “Save.”
  • Then click “Confirm” and crop your picture the way you want it.
  • Finally, click “Save” to put your new transparent profile picture on your phone.

Another way to make the Background of Your Profile Picture Clear on TikTok!

Is there anything I should know about this person’s TikTok picture? The first question is, “how do you make the background of your TikTok profile picture clear?” It would help if you did a few things before doing it, but it’s not that hard. Here is how you do it to get a transparent background on the picture you put on Tumblr.

  1. To use TikTok, you need to have or be able to get an android phone. A phone or a tablet. There is no way to get a clear picture of your TikTok profile picture if you have an iPhone or an iPad.
  2. Google “transparent png,” and you’ll be able to find a clear PNG picture. You can also make your own on Photoshop if you want to. It should end with png. Use remove.bg┬áto get rid of the background when you want a picture.
  3. If you have your clear PNG image on your Android device or the image from a remove.bg on your Android device, you can use that file as your profile picture. Voila! You can see through your profile picture now!

This trick is a lot of fun, and it makes a beautiful transparent profile picture on TikTok! If you don’t have an Android device, you might be able to borrow one from a friend and log in to your TikTok account on their phone or tablet. Then upload the clear picture from that device to your TikTok account.

How to Get a Transparent Background on Your TikTok Profile Picture Using an iPhone

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you cannot get a transparent profile picture on TikTok. Apple doesn’t let you download a PNG image and upload it to TikTok. When Apple doesn’t let you do this, the only way to get a transparent background on your TikTok profile picture is to use an Android phone or tablet until Apple enables you to.


As long as you have the right tools, you can make your profile picture transparent in no time at all. PicWish is the best tool because not only does it have a simple interface, but it is also 100% free. Even so, if you prefer to use a mobile app, then use Apowersoft Background Eraser instead. It can also give you an accurate picture of your photo in just a few seconds, and it can do this quickly. So if you have any other ideas on how to make a transparent background for your profile picture on TikTok, leave them in the comment section below.

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