TikTok png logo.

TikTok has quickly become one of the world’s most popular applications. With over millions of people worldwide knowing the Tik Tok logo and trademark.

Developed by business mogul, Zhang Yiming, the Chinese company has shown great potential over the last three years despite its late entry into the market.

By carving up a dedicated, significant fan base in an area where so many other social media applications have failed, TikTok is now worth more than $100 billion dollars and has 1.5 billion active monthly users.

Bytedance Timeline.

  • A.me.
TikTok png logo.

The company made their first debut into the market by September 2016 with the video sharing app, Ame. It was limited to the Chinese market.

  • Douyin.

By December 2016, Bytedance had rebranded into Douyin 3 months prior to its first launch.

TikTok png logo.

The app was now steadily adding new users, and it witnessed its first significant increase in new subscriber signups after its parent company, ByteDance, purchased their main social media competition Musical.ly in 2017.

TikTok png logo.

Though initially limited to the Chinese market, Yiming intended from the start to deliver Douyin to users worldwide. Following the acquisition of musical.ly, the social media platforms were merged.

 Before its mainstream introduction it was rebranded into TikTok and was a huge success.

Overview on the TikTok logo.

Nowadays, it is more typical for corporations to substantially modify their logos over time than for them to maintain their initial brand logo. However, the TikTok sign is an exception to this rule.

TikTok still uses virtually its same logo symbol that they drew when the application was first released in 2016, with very minimal changes since then.

The designer, who desires to remain anonymous, designed the TikTok logo.

TikTok claims that the designer was captivated by a concert he watched before being commissioned to make the logo. The designer apparently intended to build a look that conveyed the thrill of attending a large concert in order to promote the app’s creative content providers and highlight the entertainment that they provide.

The contrast between a dark space and a brilliantly luminous stage during a rock performance – which helps to explain the eye-catching aspect of the overlapping neon hues symbolizing music vibrations – was what inspired him the most.

Components of the TikTok logo.

Although most users are unaware that the “d” in the TikTok logo design represents the app’s first name, the design is instantly recognized throughout the world and has played an important part in TikTok’s branding.

The design incorporates the letter “d” shaped in the shape of a musical note, signifying the app’s name at the time. Despite the fact that the app’s name was renamed to TikTok when it was published globally, the firm preserved the same design.

  • Font.

The unique font used for the brand logo is a basic san-serif, blocky typeface with a distinct style that makes it easy to read. The top stroke of the letter T of the logo has a little slanted right side, which captures the attention since it differs with the original straight strokes.

  • Color

The color choices applied to the logo are another feature that distinguishes the design. The primary colors are black (for the pattern and the emblem) on a white backdrop. In TikTok, however, both the emblem and the letter O are highlighted by a vibrant light aqua and reddish-pink.

TikTok’s emblem may be seen both alone and as part of the main social media brand. On a dark backdrop, it seems to be a note sign.

The symbol is created in four different colors: On a black backdrop, a note with pink, blue, and white tones are displayed.

Evolution of the TikTok logo.

  • 2016.
TikTok first logo

This was the logo that was first released in 2016, coinciding with the international launch of the social networking site. The color palette is basic, consisting of light aqua, black, and reddish-pink.

The end result is an intriguing logo that appears to have three variants of the symbol overlaying over each other, adding layers to the design. However, it was difficult for a newly formed social media network to make its imprint and be recognized in a market already dominated by large platforms, like Musical.ly.

  • 2017.
TikTok png logo.

One year later, the TikTok platform’s logo was updated to recognize the sign and make it easier for consumers to link the company with the symbol. The new sign used the same musical note icon as the previous one. A wordmark spelling out the brand’s name, on the other hand, was added to it.

The wordmark was created using strong, manly sans serif typefaces. The new wordmark logo’s clear strokes and lines made it simple to read the app’s name. The softened corners of the curves and angles, on the other hand, rendered the text ambiguous even at the smallest sizes.

  • 2018-present day logo.
TikTok png logo.

The most recent change to the TikTok logo design was done in 2018. The wordmark was changed, which was regarded as a significant move in terms of brand awareness. The new design combined the words Tik and Tok, resulting in TikTok.

There were also additional alterations done. The font was modified to a more angular design, and the letter O was highlighted with aqua and red.

This iteration has been around since then and may be seen in use by people all around the world.


Overall, the TikTok logo has also contributed in the app’s digital marketing activities. Almost every TikTok advertisement has used the app’s logo in some way or another throughout the years. TikTok has undoubtedly capitalized on their distinctive logo when it comes to developing licensed items. It is reasonable to argue that TikTok’s eye-catching logo design had a significant influence in making the app as popular and successful as it is now.

Nearly every single TikTok commercial has used the app’s logo in some form or another; while its logo might not have been the reason someone installs the app, it is a recognized sign that TikTok can utilize as a central focus for the advertisements that they generate. TikTok-branded merchandise now includes everything from t-shirts, shorts, and sweatshirts to coffee cups, diaries, and more.

If you are creating a mobile application that you think could become the next international sensation, bear in mind the numerous advantages that a brilliant logo may give.

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