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What Does DC Mean on TikTok?

What Does DC Mean on TikTok?

TikTok is a popular video app that attracts a lot of dancers. The software allows you to make videos and share them with a community of people. The app, on the other hand, contains a large number of abbreviations, slang, words, and even acronyms. Others of these terms are simple to comprehend, while others have more enigmatic connotations, and some may even have many meanings. Understanding these concepts will allow you to get the most out of the software.

DC is one of those acronyms you must clearly understand to have a great time on the app. We will, as such, be exploring what DC means and how it works on TikTok. So, follow through as we dive in.

What Does DC mean on TikTok?

DC is an acronym that means Dance challenge. TikTok is one social media app that is full of challenges, and several challenges have trended and faded with time. The Dance challenge is actually one that has stood the test of time. DC, simply put, is to challenge another TikToker to a dance-off. It is most times used as a hashtag attached to a video.

You can challenge other TikTokers to a DC challenge by tagging them in your video. Since TikTok is full of dance videos, you can imagine how popular this challenge is. The letters DC are usually followed by the handle of a creator in the caption section. That is a way of giving credit to the original choreographer or starting a dance challenge.

So, how does a DC work on TikTok?

There is really no straight-cut pattern about a dance challenge; most TikTokers use the same process. One person starts a dance routine and posts it on the app. Then, the person challenges other users to copy what they have done with the same music they used. A DC does not use different songs; it is supposed to be with the same song and the same dance steps. You can also tag the person you emulated in your video.

You can start a dance challenge with one person or even a group of friends; it is up to you to decide. It is preferable to participate in an ongoing challenge since all you have to do is copy what someone has already done.

To get a DC challenge, you must be tagged in that video. The most important thing is to use the same music used in the original challenge. You can tap the song button in the bottom right to do this. Select the ‘use this sound’ button to add that song to your video.

What is #DC?

What Does DC Mean on TikTok?

Hashtags on TikTok are used as search engines to group content that is similar. The hashtag for a dance challenge is #dancechallenge or #DC. Both of these tags have videos relating to dance challenges. The hashtag can help make sure that your video is grouped accordingly. This helps other TikTokers to find your dance challenge.

There are also a couple of other slang or acronyms used on TikTok  that you most probably do not know about. So, we will be looking at a few to help your TikTok experience.

Other TikTok Slangs and Phrases

TikTok acronyms

So, here are some of the acronyms that you will see over and over again on TikTok.

Other TikTok Slangs and Phrases

So, here are some of the phrases and acronyms that you will see over and over again on TikTok.

  1. Yeet

Yeet actually means to throw something with a high velocity. So, most people yell that word when throwing things with a very high pace. It is also used for exclamations out of excitement for accomplishing something. Say for instance, “Yeet! I passed my bar exams”.

  • FYP

This is actually a very simple one. That #FYP that is seen almost everywhere on TikTok means For You Page. The FYP is the main page you see once you are logged on to the app. The FYP shows you popular videos, random videos, or videos that are currently trending. It could also show you videos that you might like based on your interactions on the app.

  • IB

If you come across the acronym IB in a video caption on TikTok app, it shows that the video has been ‘inspired by’ another viral or popular video. The original users will be tagged after the letters. It is just to show the brain behind a trend or video.

  • CEO

When someone calls you the CEO of something, it is probably because you are very good at that thing. Sometimes, people on social media tend to use it ironically but generally, they mean you are the best at that thing.

For instance, “She is the CEO of dancing”.

  • Smeeze Dance

The smeeze dance is actually one of the very popular dance moves on TikTok just like Ratchet was. The dance features movements like flailing arms, hopping and stomping. The dance has been tagged for more than a billion times on the app and it is used alongside “She Go n Go” by Trill Ryan. It has also been featured in Fortnite and that has added to its popularity.

  • Fire (or Lit)

If something is considered very good, fire is actually used to describe it. People use it on social media to describe a lot of things. You can also use lit to say something is very cool. For instance, you could say “This new dance challenge is lit”.

  • VSCO girl

A VSCO girl is a trend that owes its popularity to TikTok. For you to be tagged as a VSCO girl, you must have that trendy pack that has Birkenstocks, a water bottle, a Fjallraven backpack, and scrunchies. This trend is mostly among teenagers. In part, it also means a young, usually white woman, who posts photos of herself edited on the VSCO app.

The younger generation of teenage girls sees the VSCO girl as someone to emulate in terms of fashion. The pretty much older ladies, twenty years and older, see the VSCO girl as someone who tries so hard like they didn’t even try at all.

Final Words

So, we have been able to run you through some common acronyms and slang on TikTok. The slang may seem complicated at first, but soon enough, you will find that you’ve become accustomed. You could also try to jump on dance challenges based on the tips we’ve given you and enjoy your time on the app.


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