When did TikTok start and emerged with musical.ly

When did TikTok start? Most people have this question, well mostly the new users.

The origin of TikTok is completely different from what we have read in books, fairytales, and
movies. It was not a group of the school who once, in their childhood decided to make
something which would get the success and popularity.

It started with three different stages. The first one which was also popular among teenagers
was named, musical.ly which was first introduced to Shanghai in the year 2014 but at the same
time, US businesses had strong connections and influence in that market.

China also in the year 2016 produced an app with almost the same functions but more advance.
This app was called Douyin. This app also caught the most attention of Chinese teens. In no
time it gained 100 million Douyin users in China and Thailand.

When did tiktok start and emerged with musical.ly
When did tiktok start and emerged with musical.ly

What is the reason behind combining TikTok and musical.ly?

Due to its popularity in the country of China, the company ByteDance decided to extend this
app worldwide and bought the app musical.ly which had offices in both Shanghai and
California. The company spent a huge amount of 1billion US dollars.

In the year 2018, the trending app musical.ly emerged with TikTok to create a large friendly community and a single app. The name of this newly introduced app in the market was kept as TikTok which exchanged musical.ly also meaning that it is the end year of the app musical.ly. This answers most people’s question on when did TikTok start.

When did TikTok start to hit global downloads?

Most people ask nowadays when did TikTokm start hitting global hits? Merging with musical.ly
the download’s for this new app started reaching the tops. And since then the download has
never taken a pause or slowed down for once. Well, when did TikTok start to hit global was in
the year 2019. It is known by every professional and well-known successful businessman that
their business takes up to several years to get more recognition in the market. But at the same
time, this app took less time than others.

It went popular more among Indians with at least, 40% of the downloads starting in 2018 and
the downloads increased in 2019. Well if we are talking about its popularity in India then the
other countries did not stay behind on such an amazing app. Its download’s also increased in
other states like the US, Europe, and the UK.

When did tiktok start and emerged with musical.ly
When did tiktok start and emerged with musical.ly

When did TikTok start to get banned in India and US?

The concerns of Indian and US governments on the thought of how a single Chinese has made
this huge impact on today’s generation. Their concern and worry were related to their politics
and the countries’ secrets related to the information of weapons and personal political
information which can be misused once exposed.

For safety reasons, both governments banned TikTok in both countries.

In June 2020, the Indian government banned TikTok, stating that there are complaints on how
the user’s data is being stolen and has been transmitting user’s data by other apps.

When did tiktok start and emerged with musical.ly
When did TikTok start and emerged with musical.ly

The US government overlooked the matter and opened a national security review and it was
suggested that it should be banned since this Chinese app might give information to the
Chinese government. This explains when did TikTok started to get banned in India ad US.

And hence both apps were banned in India and US. But the downloads of TikTok did not
decrease since this era is more advanced than the past one. Many teenagers in both regions
used VPNs. In fact, the download rate of TikTok started rising.

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