Who owns TikTok now and to whom it belongs?

TikTok is one of the most-used apps and has almost over a million users in the world while who
owns this app is still unknown. TikTok is a very popular app yet very little is known about who
owns TikTok now which is such a popular app. This app has a huge user base that has crossed
the user base of Facebook and YouTube, Whatsapp, and Instagram. Yet everyone barely knows
about who owns TikTok now.

Who owns TikTok now and to whom it belongs?
Who owns TikTok now and to whom it belongs?

Who owns TikTok now originally?

The app, TikTok is owned by a technology company in China known by the name, ByteDance.
This company was founded by a millionaire entrepreneur of China, Zhang Yiming. He graduated
from Nankai University and worked for many tech companies which also including Microsoft.

In 2012, Zhang Yiming made his own company called ByteDance. This is the company that owns
TikTok now. This company not only introduced TikTok but also many other apps.

The origin of TikTok was from the Chinese app called Douyin. He made the app Douyin first
which got millions of users in China. After this, he wanted to make another app which resulted
in the creation of TikTok. Who owns TikTok now originally is Zhang Yiming.

Who owns TikTok now and to whom it belongs?
Who owns TikTok now and to whom it belongs?

Who owns TikTok now in china?

After the founder of ByteDance, Zhang Yiming stepped down from the role of chairman of one
of the giant Chinese companies officially then the leadership of the company was handed over
to Liang Rubo who is one of the co-founders of the company.

Liang was known to be the roommate of the former chairman, Yiming. Due to this he was highly
trusted to be new in charge of the company. Since the company belonged to him then it is also
said that he owns TikTok now in china.

Who owns TikTok now in the USA?

It is confusing about who owns TikTok now in the US.

In Trump’s government, he proposed that the app TikTok will be controlled and owned by the
Americans which might turn out to be a winning deal.

Even though the Chinese investors will still own a huge percentage of the app and they also
have a say in the newly created TikTok global which is based by a US company. In this deal
Trump wanted the Chinese to not have any access to TikTok if the deal gets approved.

Who owns TikTok now and to whom it belongs?
Who owns TikTok now and to whom it belongs?

Whereas, they wanted Walmart and Oracle to make their investments in TikTok and the
ByteDance company will have no stakes after they completely take over the app TikTok. Yet the
company, ByteDance declared that they want at least 80 percent of the stakes of the app
TikTok global.

According to Oracle, if the deal was being approved then only the Americans will be in charge of
taking care of the TikTok global.

However, ByteDance didn’t want to separate its American VC investors from the rest of its stakeholders.
This is why they require 80% of the stakes of TikTok global if this deal goes on.

But the response was still the same by Trump. However, people wanted China to approve of this deal.
The company ByteDance needs a license to sell the app’s algorithm and its AI technology to the
company of the US. People who were quite familiar with the deal wanted the Chinese company to
accept the deal as they are quite sure that it might be a good structure to work for tech export.

Hence it is not confirmed who owns TikTok now in the US.

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